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Information found on this page is based on the 2015 AAYFDT Rules of Competition.

What is the AAYFDT registration area for the Klein Rams?

The Klein Rams' registration area includes residential addresses which are in the attendance boundaries for the following Klein ISD elementary schools: Benfer, Ehrhardt, Haude, and Kuehnle.

2016 Open registration for all new players will be as follows:

APRIL 9, 2016 FROM 9AM-1230PM at Krimmel Intermediate School.

APRIL 16, 2016 FROM 9AM-1230PM at Tomball Jr. High School.

APRIL 23, 2016 FROM 9AM-1230PM at Salyers Elementary School.

APRIL 30, 2016 FROM 9AM-1230PM Oakridge 9th Grade Campus Cafeteria.

How do I know which team my athlete would play on?

Please see the individual team pages for general weight and age guidelines by team.





What size ball will my athlete play with?

Freshmen: Wilson K2 (Pee Wee) Sophomore: Wilson TDJ (Junior) Junior: Wilson TDJ (Junior) Senior: Wilson TDY(Youth)

How much does the program cost?

The Klein Rams total fee is $300.00; which comprises of a $150.00 AAYFDT booster club campaign fundraiser buyout (league fundraiser), and a $150 registration fee. Football equipment will not be issued to any player that has not paid all fees. An equipment deposit and a volunteer deposit are required but are cashed only if equipment is not returned according to policy or if minimum volunteer hours are not met.

What equipment does the booster club provide?

The booster club provides a helmet, shoulder pads, set of leg pads, practice pants, practice jersey, game pants, game jersey, game socks and one mouth piece. The game jersey is the player's to keep; all other equipment is returned at the end of the season.

How does the equipment deposit work?

At registration you write a separate $200 check dated December 1, 2015 to KRBC (Klein Rams Booster Club). The check is held until equipment is returned and signed off on during equipment hand in. When equipment records are cleared the check is returned to its writer.

Do I need to purchase any additional equipment?

You will need to buy cleats for your player. An athletic cup is strongly recommended for your player's safety. Many players will wear compression style shorts and shirts with added rib padding under their practice and game attire; these are optional purchases.

What is the volunteer requirement?

The AAYFDT and the Klein Rams require game day volunteer support; every family should expect to have game day responsibilities. Your team mom will be sending out explanations of the different support positions. You are encouraged to request assignment preferences and proactively communicate special situations; however final assignments will be based on the needs of the players and coaches. A volunteer schedule by game will be created and distributed by the team moms. Special events will provide additional volunteer hour opportunities.

How does the volunteer deposit work?

At registration you write a separate $100 check dated December 1, 2015 to KRBC (Klein Rams Booster Club). The check is held until the end of the season. It is returned with the equipment deposit check provided minimum volunteer hours have been met.

What should I bring to registration?

Copy of the athlete's birth certificate, copy of the athlete's most recent report card, recent utility bill (proof of residencey), four seperate checks ($150 fundraiser buyout, $150 registration fee, $200 equipment deposit, $100 volunteer deposit)

What is the refund policy?

Refunds for any reason apply to registration fees only; the fundraiser buyout of $150.00 is non-refundable. Refund amounts, based on length of participation, are as follows:90% Prior to first practice, 75% Prior to the first game, No refunds after the beginning o

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